A short list with todo’s for create a katta release:

  • run the tests ant testant it
  • complete and change version of CHANGES.txt
  • change version in src/build/ant/build.properties
  • prepare a announcement message (can lookup previous version with ‘git tag -l && git show <tagX>’)
  • tag the code, f.e. git tag -a 0.6.rc1
    git push --tags
    and put the announcement tag message in the message (editor will pop up)
  • build the distribution files ant clean coverage dist
  • untar and check the distribution:
    • check version (bin/katta version)
    • start a cluster
    • start gui and connect to the cluster
    • check docs
  • upload the release files to sourceforge
  • release the version in jira
  • write announcement message as mail to mailing list
  • update the news section of the website