Can’t deploy the index successfully

  1. If you used a local (e.g. file:///<path to index directory>) URL, did you copy the index directory to the master and all of the slave nodes?
  2. Do your slave nodes have enough free disk space, on the install volume specified in the Katta config file, for the index? The space required will be at least <replication factor> * (<total index size>/<number of nodes>)
  3. Do your slave nodes have enough unused memory for the index? [Unsure how much is really needed, but have seen deploys hang when the slave had enough disk space but limited RAM].
  4. Were you pulling the index shards from S3? This can hang due to a bug in the Hadoop native filesystem support for S3.

Searches return no hits

After you’ve successfully added a Katta index, if your test searches return no hits, you can do the following checks:

  1. Run the listIndices and listErrors commands to verify that the index looks good.
  2. Use Luke to inspect the index shards to make sure they are valid Lucene indexes.
  3. Confirm that that the field name used in the search actually exists in the index. E.g. myfield:sweet.